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10 Al-Shabaab terrorists die in a fight between the group in Mudug province

A huge fight that occured in Harardhere area of Mudug region, it all started after a group of the Al-Shabaab militia tried to surrender to the government and another group were oppposed to that idea. A leader called Muhudin Daqare along with a group wanted to leave the city that was controlled by the terrorists so as to separate themselves from the other group and ten of both sides of the terrorists died and more wounded.

A leader who said to be the leader of the group that were resisting to join the government and was known as Nuunale ordered to forcefully stop the militiamen who were attempting to surrender to the Somali army, then a heavy fights broke out, both sides lossing some men and others got injured.

One of the residents spoke to SONNA and said that he saw the dead and injured militia and others who were captured, and the leader of the Al-Shabaab terrorists imposed new orders to be followed including:-

1. Vehicles of any kind that have equipment cannot be moved from their location, until further notice.

2. Every Militant and Leader should not leave from their known locations.

Reports from Harardhere suggest that this battle has created a power struggle and the orders indicate that there has been a mistrust within the terrorists.

Since the national army and the locals stood against the Al-Shabaab group of terrorists and the people do not tolerate the Khawarij and the bloodshed, and the people are ready to eradicate them from every part of Somalia.

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