Tuesday, July 16, 2024

17 alshabab militants killed in Welmarow near Afmadow town

Somali National Army along with Jubaland Paramilitary forces have killed 17 al Shabab militants in an operation carried out near Welmarow village, which is about 45 km away from Afmadow district in Lower Juba, according to the officials.

The attack happened on Wednesday evening, Jubaland Intelligence Agency released what is said to be a photo found in their mobile phones and they also said foreigners were among those killed in the raid.

The agency also published graphic images of the dead bodies of these terrorists.

In recent weeks, government special forces DANAB have been doing intensive operations against the militants in the Jubaland state particularly in the vicinity of Afmadow town.

This will be the deadliest attack since the terrorist suffered huge losses recently, and government troops have been advancing toward Jilib town, the al Shabab’s de facto capital.

During the operation the army also discovered dozens of weapons including mines and others items.

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