Tuesday, July 16, 2024

40 Alshabab militants killed in Mahaday district in Middle Shabelle province

Up to 40 members of the Khawarij Al-Shabaab were killed and many others injured in a well-coordinated joint military operation conducted by the Somali National Army, The National Intelligence Agency and international partners in Ali Fooldhere area of Mahaday District in Middle Shabelle Region.

The operation targeted members of the Khawarij Al Shabaab who were mobilizing themselves in the forest in apparent preparation for a terror attack. This operation is part of the larger plan to eliminate the Khawarij countrywide and contain their movements to different places where they still remain.

The Federal Government of Somalia is grateful to the Somali people and the international friends who are part of the fight against the Khawarij. The Government is once again calling on the Somali youth who have for long been misled by the Khawarij to surrender while continuing to welcome militants who choose to cut ties with the lethal terror group.

The Federal Government of Somalia reaffirms the Somali National Army’s commitment to carrying out the ongoing operations in strict compliance with its obligations under international humanitarian law, human rights law, Islamic law and Somali customary rules of warfare.

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