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Al-Shabaab turned its gun into civilian, rather than government soldiers

The group’s leadership has been contemplating in recent years how they keep fighting and running in their positions After opening a new different front of war against them which has intensified since the arrival of the new president of Somalia.

According to the source, mistrust and power struggle have broken out in between group’s top leaders, after Somali National Intelligence Agency have penetrated inside the terrorist chain of command and successfully foiled its plans callous.

Airstrikes and other land operation have been targeted in their stronghold and taken away a several senior official of the terrorist group.

After they realized that they have been overpowered by the Somali government they have turned war against the innocent people, and started the massacre of the unarmed civilians; children and men and women are the latest victims of yesterday’s attack in Hiran Province.

The insurgent group have shown their war against civilians to scapegoat the government’s full scale offensive against the militants to wipe out the country.

Why are al-Shabaab attacking civilians and taking their properties at this time?

President Mohamud’s new administration has shown its all-in war against Alshabab to stabilize the Horn of Africa nation, so that the government called the citizens to take armies against this ruthless militant and defend their dignity.

In that regard, an uprising against al-Shabaab broke out in some Provinces like Hiran and Galgadud, where local people organized themselves and staged war on al-Shabaab in retaliation for the militants beginning to kill people in mass as we saw yesterday in Beledweyne.

Al Shabab felt that their conspiracy has been awakened by the public and they have started to remind the public to create fear and to derail the government’s crosshairs agenda to mangle the enemy in stridently.

It was an excruciating accident to perish a dozen innocent people in between Beledweyne and Mahas district in Hiran Province after al-Shabaab militants have been ambushed on conveys enroute to Mahas town.

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