Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Al Shabab flees Elbur district due to fear of government offensive

Somali state media has on Wednesday, reported that some ringleaders of the terrorist group of al Shabab have started to escape from Elbur district in Galgadud province ahead of planned government force offensive against them.

Senior leaders who fled from the district have started on Sunday and Monday this week, according to state media reports.

The reason is clear, government forces approaching the area and they realized there is no power balance between their weak militants and well equipped soldiers of Somali National Army and their allied local fighters.

Elbur town is one of last strongholds of the Khawarij after they lose a vast swath of the territories in the first phase of the offensive undertaken by the government forces.

State media also reported that al Shabab leaders have failed to persuade the local elders to stand with them in this critical time and stick up for their town from the incoming offensive against them.

Instead, the local elders also repudiated the plan to take over the weapon in the name of the clan, and so that the terrorists militants have vacated the area, according to the report.

It’s not clear the direction they were headed, but this shows how the militants are weak and desperate and not ready to defend this crucial town which was once their safe haven and breeding ground of the terrorists.

The Somali government is now preparing the second phase of the nationwide operation against the remnants of the terrorist militants.

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