Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Al-Shabab militants continues to lose more grounds in Hiran

Somali National Army in collaboration with pro government locals, have steadily made progress against Al-Shabaab terror group in Hiiraan province.

In joint operations at difference fronts, forces managed to took over Butaale, Kukeyle, Habeenno iyo Diiro villages under Yasooman location in Hiran.

“Al-Shabab militants fled before the arrival of forces and continues losing more grounds in the central of the nation,” army source told SONNA.

In the recent campaigns against terrorists in which spearheaded by SNA have stridently kick out alshabab militant from large territories in the region.

Government officials have already declared that the ongoing operations had gained more than 40 villages,  

These nationwide military campaign then spread into the neighboring regions of Galguduud, further northeast, and Bay, to the southwest of Hiraan.

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