Monday, March 20, 2023

Alshabab loses key areas in Bay Province

Self-organized local fighters have liberated on Monday several villages in Bay Province, the area that vigilantes took over from alshabab include; Saydhelaw, Bulo-Jadid, Matani, Usli and Busley all under Bay in the south west state of Somalia.

The army now is heading to the strategic town of Labatan Jirow which is just 30 km north of the Provincial capital Baidoa, according to the Somali National News Agency.

This latest offensive against the terrorist group in part the ongoing operations which undertaking in many parts of the country.

Somali government forces allied with local people have been taking action against alshabab militants for the last several weeks, liberating dozens of towns and villages in Hiran and Galgadud Provinces.

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