Tuesday, July 16, 2024

An al Shabab defector welcome in Baidoa today

Authorities in Southwest state on Sunday displayed Isaq Mayow Mohamud al Shabab militant who defected to the Somalia’s National Army 60th division based in Baidoa town.

He was part of terrorist group al Shabab in the past four years, serving as what the militant called Jabhat fighters in a military wing of the group.

His denunciation came after he realized that the al Shabab adopted the wrong ideology which killed the innocent people of Somalia.

Al Shabab has no power right now, they are weak and called on the government and people to keep fighting against these militants, he added.

He also called his former colleagues who were still trapped inside the terrorist to run away and join their people and government in order to save their lives.

Pressure has been mounting on the terrorist militants in recent months and because of that many of their militants have defected to the government.

The Somali government is carrying out the completion of a phase of military operation against the militant in Galmudug and Hirshabele states.

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