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A well-organized ceremony attended by various sections of the society and politicians to inaugurate a new center called “Eco-Hub Somalia,” was held in Mogadishu on July 2021. Eco-Hub Somalia, the first of its kind to operate in Somalia with the aim of conserving natural resources and the environment to create an eco-friendly environment, raising awareness, and promoting eco entrepreneurship start-ups that require such incentive and investment. The center will also provide training on sanitation and small businesses that are eco-friendly conduct research on environmental problems and reduce unemployment in the community, especially for youth and women. The inauguration ceremony of this new center was the first of its kind in the country and included a celebration of the environment, music festivals, an art exhibition, a coffee party, and a products exhibition, which was attended by about 9 companies working in the field of environmental protection and eco-friendly businesses operating in Mogadishu and they were Dalsan Power, Tamarso, SOGEA, African Solutions, Deegaan Bile, Bishaaro Beauty, Heybad.co, Fey Décor and GreenWatch Trust. The inauguration was attended by various segments of society such as youth, women, business people, private companies and politicians from Villa Somalia, the Office of the Prime Minister’s Environment, the Somali Ministry of Energy and Minerals, and the Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union office in Mogadishu and Banadir region. Guests of honor who also took part in the ceremony were, Madasha Deegaan, Mudul Real Estate, Somali Progressive Developmental Organization (SPDO), Xorriyo Online, Hiiraan online, Beydan Coffee, Diirad Films, Dalsan TV, Goobjoog Tv, CTGN International, and HornConnect. Speaking at the event, Director of Eco-Hub Somalia Ali Farah, welcomed the participants to the center, noting that the center was established by Somali youth who are concerned about the environmental problems, waste, and unemployment facing the Somali people in the country. He said Eco-Hub Somalia will bring happiness to the people of Somalia, as well as provide incentives and training to anyone who comes up with an eco-friendly business initiative. The director also elaborated on the importance of conserving the environment, the problem of waste in the environment, and how best to recycle waste dumped around the city at this time by developing a recycling system, which the director said: “This recycling system or process will reduce urban waste and promote job creation especially for youth and women in Somalia.” Director Farah stated that the purpose of establishing Eco-Hub Somalia is to address the current environmental issues in Somalia as soon as possible and also highlighted to the participants that the center will be a platform for all eco-entrepreneurs. At the end of his speech, the director thanked all the participants for their dedicated time and asked them to encourage the exhibitors and buy their creative products. All the innovators who were part of the exhibition gave short speeches one by one at the forum, mentioned what led to their eco-friendly entrepreneurship, how they implemented it and how their business works, and the main challenges surrounding in implementation of their business creativity. They highlighted the importance of their business activities to the environment and job creation. The exhibitors shared with the participants that the main challenges of their businesses are a lack of awareness between their producers and the rest of the community and also there is a lack of awareness among Somali people because they are still not aware of the importance of re-purchasing used products which recycled to reduce waste and to keep clean in the city as well as environmental protection. All innovators jointly praised the launch of this new platform, Eco-Hub Somalia, and noted that it could contribute to public awareness of the re-purchase of recycled materials that are harmful to the environment. The exhibitors also recommended that “Eco-Hub Somalia continue to host couple exhibitions that facilitate social networking between people and eco-friendly business entrepreneurs. ” Afterward, all participants of the event took a coffee party together, music festivals and a local art exhibition combined with jokes, inspiration and shopping, photography, and open and close stories were held in honor of the opening of the platform which participants expressed to their delight at the launch of Eco-Hub Somalia and their great need for it in the Somali community at this time. In conclusion, the forum was closed by the Ambassador, Mr. Mohamed Ali Amerika, who is known as an environment, creative, and youth-friendly person, who praised the inauguration of this new center (Eco-Hub Somalia) which stand to serve the environment. He also gave a lot of encouragement to all the participants of the big day especially the exhibitors who did an amazing show. The ambassador concluded his closing speech by emphasizing the importance of encouraging local businesses that can make a difference in the beauty of the country and the capital as well as job creation. He urged all participants to take part in the efforts to keep environment development and to support the Eco-Hub Somalia forum because “it’s the most important forum to be launched in this modern and timely Somalia” as he said. Eco-Hub Somalia is an innovative hub for eco-friendly businesses and sustainable development in Somalia.

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