Saturday, April 1, 2023

Armed court verdicts a lifetime sentence against one alshabab operative

 Somali military tribunal has on Monday sentenced, 22 years old Abdullahi Abdi Muse a lifetime imprisonment, after being found guilty of Alshabab membership for more than seven years, according to the judges.

The 3rd of last June, was arrested by the Somali security forces, and he was planting and exploding seven landmines in the road connected Bufow Bacad and Janale town in Lower Shabelle province.

 Muse joined the group in 2016 as he was only 15 years, since then operating in different parties of the country, in his first training was Dolale location in Bay province, where he was taught how to make and use the explosives devices.

According to court’s testimony, Muse was received regular monthly stipends around $200.

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