Friday, February 23, 2024

Bakol is next front of military offensive on alshabab

Somalia’s Bakol provincial officials, have been organizing and preparing local people in the border town El-barde, to launch a liberation offensive against al-Shabaab in region, Bakol governor Mohamed Abdi is leading this campaign.

For the last weeks, regiment of Somali National Army and South west paramilitary forces Darawish have been deployed there, to start operation against militants who control most of the region.

Heavily armed soldiers made up SNA, Darawish and local people are getting ready to joint the military campaign which get rid of the terrorist from the country.

Speaking in an open area inside El-barde town, Madker Salad Rabdhure district commissioner, urged soldiers to have good faith in this operation and keep mind they are flag carrier of the hope for their people live under al-Shabaab control.

“If have a moral and good faith no one can stop you, seek help from Allah, and have a mercy upon the people you up to meet, don’t hurt anyone, but assist them,” said Salad.

Bakol province in south west state, is one of the strongholds for the terrorists, but the spirit and immense preparations will eventually free from al-Shabaab all villages and towns under their control.

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