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Cabinet meeting today discuss by the ongoing military campaign against alshabab

Somalia’s federal cabinet has on Thursday held in Mogadishu their weekly meeting, and they discussed the ongoing re-liberation operations against al-Shabaab terrorist organization in some part of the country.

During the meeting, the council were briefed by the defense minister on the latest updates in the battle field, where brave Somali National Army and pro-government fighters have been battling for the militant in weeks, according to the statement from the office of the prime minister.

“Last week the council nominated a ministerial committee assigned for coordinating the terrorist eradication campaign, have presented their action plan toward al-Shabaab fighting,” said in the statement.

Prime minister Hamza who chaired the meeting today said his administration is committed to stabilizing the all newly liberated areas.

“Any area grabbed from terrorist organization governance system will reach and deliver the services they need,”. Adding that the people have woken up and understood how al-Shabaab are brutal.

The Somali prime minister has already branded alshabab as ‘children of hell’ after alshabab gunmen stormed into Hayat hotel in last August killing more 21 civilians and injured 117 people.

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