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Can Puntland survive from the corrupted Deni hands?

The official mandate of current president of Somalia’s Puntland state is close to end, as the president Said Abdullahi Deni is gearing the new model of the election which is differ the one he was come into power in 2019, perhaps he is preparing one person one vote which all the people will elect the president directly, but this many have skeptical the possibility of this because of the time.

President Deni has just less than eight months, having that mind politicians are reading now between the lines and they say, Mr. Deni is preparing to extend his term and democratic vote is scapegoat calling for him to announce publically his ambition and the coming January 8, 2024 will the election day as usual.

On his side, he is arguing to hold the constitutional election in Puntland state for the first time since the administration founded in 1998 and no leader ever before stood to do such, and he is going to the people their right to choose the leaders who represent them in the government institutions.

He accused the people against his mission, incapable politicians who haven’t any confidence for their people to vote for them, and what matter it’s he wouldn’t reverse his decision and Puntland will host the first democratic election under his rule.

The constitutional reforms

On 5th of May, the Puntland’s cabinet has endorsed the amendment of the constitution, to pave the way the election model which the president Deni is willing to a accomplished and become the first Puntland leader to do so, but not all the people have that, despite the constitution enshrines that.

But the region’s elite people have said the move is unlawful and the president is going to extend his term through the constitution and that will never happen.

Deputy finance minister of Somalia Abdighafar Hange, who was recently interviewed by the local TV channel Dalsan, said the Puntland constitution points out that the election will take place in all provinces of the state and this time round Sol and Eyn provinces are not in hands of the administration.

What president Deni is doing now is the extension and nobody would accept that and he warned to destroy the harmony of the state with a bear of personal interest.

The FGS concern

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his prime minister Hamza Abdi Barre are recently called the outgoing and in battle president of Puntland not to pray upon the stability of the region while he is doing impossible things and which is not realistic on the ground.

Speaking in the state house mosque, the president has said so many times have tried to hold one person and vote but due to inconveniences, this time the situation will not allow to exercise the constitutional right and called the president to follow suit with his predecessors.

The prime minister Hamza also touched on the importance of  Puntland stability for the people and the entire Somalia, but president Deni arrogantly replied and he accused the federal government of Somalia of opposing the democratization of Puntland.

The recent political maneuvers in Garowe town

For the last 24 hours, the Puntland politicians have had discussions in Garowe town, the administrational capital, and agreed it’s illegal what president Deni is doing now  and he hasn’t right to claim democracy while he is behaving like tyranny.

Guled Salah, former chairperson of the Puntland electoral body said that in the press conference the president is choosing the dictatorship and no one will accept this behavior.

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