Saturday, April 1, 2023

Defense ministry spokesman: SNA just 20km up to Adan Yabal

Somali government forces backed by local people have been conducting hunting down operations against al-Shabaab militants in Middle Shabelle province, in the past days, ministry of defense spokesman told state media.

Quracdhere and Hawal Husein villages, which are under Adan Yabal district have been captured by government forces, said General Anod.

Government has been deployed thousands of its elite soldiers to the front lines in Middle Shabelle, which led to quick fall of Masajid Ali Gudud, one of the terrorist strongholds in the region, and it caused many lives for the militants.

“Our forces are now up to 20 km away from the strategic town of Adan Yabal,” said the spokesman. Adding that “Operations always continue,” added.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Mogadishu, the spokesman also said two soldiers sustained injuries during the operations.

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