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Domestic Tourism Destinations increase in the Mogadishu

Establishing Domestic Tourism Destinations  in the capital Mogadishu have increased, attracting more tourists who often visit and take time on weekends and great occasions like Eidul-fitri and Eidul Adha following security developments.

Mogadishu Tourism Village became the newest tourist site implemented in Dayniile district in Benadir region this year and it is expected to attract local tourists from other district in the region. It is the second tourist area in the same district after Tropical Village.

The Somali Government and Benadir regional authorities encourage businessmen and women to do such investment which can improve the infrastructure, generate employment and  drive economic growth.

“It is a sign of peace and stability to see number of tourists in line at the tourist sites in Mogadishu in recent, we welcome to have more tourist destinations in the city. My children often choose to explore  and visit new areas”, Halima Farah, a mother of three children said.

Domestic tourist destinations provide green comfortable place to rest, entertainment, ground plays, playing tools for the children, swimming pools and zoo areas.

“We often receive the largest number of visitors to our center on Thursdays and Fridays and at the afternoon, we are very on holidays mainly Eidul-Fitri and Eidul Adha”, Ahmed Hassan,  a Staff from Mogadishu Tourist Village in the capital told SONNA.

Balcad, Afgoye and Jazeera in lower Shabelle and , Daresalam, Liido beach and Beerta Nabbadda and are also frequently visited areas where Mogadishu youths, families and friends go there for tourist reasons to take their time.

Tourism, in general, plays an important role in generating revenue which contributes to country’s national budget. Foreign tourists sometimes join domestic tourists in Mogadishu – and thus contribute more to the total tourism sectors development according to officials.


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