Saturday, April 1, 2023

Drought response meeting happens today in Baidoa

The chairperson of Somali National Disaster Management Agency Mohamud Moalin Abdulle has on Tuesday arrived in Baidoa, where he had a fruitful meeting with the south west state drought relief committee.

During the meeting the parties, have discussed the strengthening cooperation between the Agency and south west administration to speed up the ongoing drought response activities in the region.

Sources close to the venue has reported that all sides have agreed to expedite the emergency relief to the drought affected people live in south west state.

The state’s minister of disaster management Abdinasir Arush who also chairperson of south west drought relief committee has expressed his gratitude to the visiting team from National disaster Management Agency, and pledged to work closely with the agency.

On his side, the chairperson thanked the south west officials for their warm welcome and he said that the agency has already delivered drought relief package to Baidoa and Huddur in south west.

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