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Education Minister attends farewell event of 29 scholarship awarded students

The Minister of Education of the Federal Government of Somalia Farah Abdulkadir has on Tuesday night attended in Mogadishu a farewell bid made for 29 National University Students who have been awarded scholarship in a five different countries.

In an event organized by the University administration, in which they honored these students who will go abroad to further and higher education countries include, Turkiye, Holland, India, Japan and Italy.

“I am so excited to be part of these students, and I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the university and government of Somalia who offered us this golden opportunity,” says one female student.

Somali National University has been reestablished in 2014, since then hundreds of Somali students have graduated, for some, including these get an opportunity to pursue further knowledge outside of the country.

Speaking at the farewell event, Dr. Omar Mahad-Alle, the rector of Somali National University, has encouraged the students to study hard in order to serve their people and country.

“If you think your future you will be return back to your country after you finish your study,” said the rector, referring to the genuine sense some students, especially those who went to Europe won’t be back home.

The federal education minister has congratulated the students for being awarded this scholarship to seek higher education outside and prayed for them to succeed on the path of their educational journey.

The minister also said, he will ask the university administration to come to your education site and will organize a big event after you finished your course to celebrate and honor your educational success for yourself and the entire country.

Somali National University, is the only one which run by the government and it produces hundreds each year, little number of that will get such opportunity 

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