Monday, March 20, 2023

Ex-SNA chief: Locals’ mobilization against terrorists comes at right time

Anti-AlShabab terror group public revolution came at the right time, according to former the commander of national military.

In an interview with Voice of America, General Dahir Aden Elmi, stressed this mobilization will be the way to defeating militants.

Elmi said that in the past there was no coordination between the local militias and the government troops in combating al-Shabab.

“A lot of times the government and the locals fought separately. The locals fought alone, and the government fought alone. The result was a lack of accomplishment,” he told VOA.

“If the government supports this [mobilization] with power, I see this will be the way to defeating Al-Shabab,” he added.

Government troops have joined the locals in an offensive against Al-Shabab in recent weeks, and liberated more than 40 localities from the group.

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