Monday, March 20, 2023

FGS finance minister invites all FMS finance ministers in an urgent meeting

After all federal member states finance ministries have declared to suspend all work relations with the federal finance ministry, the finance minister Dr.Elmi Nur has on Wednesday morning sent an invitation to all counterpart FMS finance ministries to solve this crisis, according to the report.

South West finance minister Ahmed Hussein who had given an interview with VOA Somali service has explained what their complaints were based on, and he said they had enjoyed a good relationship with the former federal ministry of finance, but this new administration abolished the existing agreement and ignored the role of FMS finance ministries.

He also accused the new FGS finance minister for taking unilateral discussions on the debt relief process and ignored the role of FMS finance ministries on that.

The FGS finance minister has not spoken so far, for this new turbulence coming from FMS finance ministries.

The meeting is due to happen in Mogadishu for the upcoming Saturday, no official confirmation from invited parts and nor refusal for this. 

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