Saturday, April 1, 2023

General Turyare: Alshabab starts to flee towns and villages in Galgudud and Middle Shabelle provinces

Somali government forces backed by local people have been stepped up its offensive against al-Shabaab terror group for the past several weeks, in Middle Shabelle, the militants have suffered major setback losing territories and man power as well.

A former director of Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency NISA, Abdirahman Turyare said terrorists have moved large area stretched around 100 km, and Nurdugle and Runirgod villages in Middle Shabelle province are recently taken over.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Mogadishu, General Turyare stressed that in the coming days more fronts will commence the fighting against this ruthless militant.

“We hope in the next days in a full-scale war will start five to six fronts of the terrorists,” said former NISA chief. “The militants are now fleeing towns and villages in Galgadud and Middle Shabelle after being overpowered in Masajid Ali Gadud,” he added.

Over 100 al-Shabaab militants were killed in Elhareri village last Thursday, and the government said it was the first time the militants had lost such a large number in one single battle, according to the ministry of defense spokesman.

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