Friday, February 23, 2024

Government declares the fall of Adan Yabal district

Much anticipated news finally breaks, as the Somali National Army backed by local fighters have fully taken over the strategic district Adan Yabal from Alshabab terrorist militants, after years of nightmare.

President and the Commander in Chief of Armed Forces H.E Hassan Sheikh said that Alshabab terrorists has destroyed water wells and abducted civilians to use as human shield, and the militants fled the Adan-Yabal district in Middle Shabelle province.

As he was addressing the nation, the president congratulated the people and the armed forces for the liberation of this town and he pledges to continue the operation against the militants until the last point.

Adan Yabal district, which is more than 250km away from the capital Mogadishu is the last major town that alshabab was in charge of the entire Hirshabelle state.

The fall of Adan Yabal is a major achievement of the ongoing nationwide offensive against alshabab, which has been undergoing for the last several months.

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