Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Government forces away from 17 km to Elbur town

Somali National Army backed by local fighters last night stationed outside of the ancient town of Elbur in Galgaduud region which is one of the latest major towns under al Shabab control in the Galmudug state.

According to the sources the army has taken over from terrorist militant Dac village about 17 km away from the target district of Elbur.

The offensive is advancing three directions to the town, and on Friday it probably will fall into the hands of the government forces after nine years of al Shabab rule.

This town was captured in 2014 by the ATMIS formerly known as AMISOM led Indian Ocean operation in the first term of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in office. But, in April 2017, African Union troops vacated the town and subsequently captured by al Shabab militants.

What is remarkable, nine years later the offensive aimed to recapture Elbur district is leading only Somali National Army and local people who took arms against this militant, and its signal that the al Shabab was not an al Shabab nine years ago they are weak now and underdog in this battle.

Experts say, it was thought that the militant will defend the town, but it resemble not happen that, they fled rather than fight for the town, and ordered the residents to leave so, otherwise they will face repercussions. 

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