Friday, February 23, 2024

Government forces capture today Wabho and other key villages from Alshabab

Defense ministry spokesman general Abdullahi Ali Anod said in a media briefing here in Mogadishu that Somali National Army backed by local freedom fighters have successfully liberated a vast land from al-Shabaab terror group.

The strategic village of Wabho which was one of the militant’s main strongholds in Galgadud province captured on Wednesday morning and militant chased away.

“Government forces are on way to the El-bur district which is the operation’s main target,” said the spokesman.

In highly circulated social media footage shows that Somali government forces engaged with gun battle al-Shabaab in a rural area and later moving into what looks like town.

In his media briefing, General Anod, declared that the army have taken control more than 100km square of territories, for the last 24 hours, El-gorof, Waro dhumale, El-bore are among the villages and location that terrorists have vacated.

Wabho villages has been under Alshabab control for 15 years.

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