Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Government officials visit today to Jicibow battle field

Jicibow is a farmland area located 30 km north of Buloburde town in Hiran Province, since yesterday morning, Somali government forces along with local freedom fighters have been battling with alshabab militants, who tried to retake over this strategic village to blocked the main road between the provincial capital and Buloburde district.

Somali state media have reported, more than a 100 alshabab militants killed this battle and encircled around 400 others.

Government officials including MPs and Hiran Governor have today visited the area to encourage the army in the fight against alshabab terror group.

“Jicibow east are being overpowered alkhawarij (alshabab), there is small number still in Jicibow west just divided by the river” said Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu member of Somali parliament who was part of officials visited to the battle field.

Jicibow is one of deadliest battles in recent weeks, it lasted more than 24 hours in a row, Somali government and its local allies have claimed victory, although the fighting has not yet ended.

Somali National Army and local fighters have recently freed from alshabab militant Jicibow and many others villages, after 13 years, they reopened the long road between Buloburde and the provincial capital Beledweyne.

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