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Government’s tri dimensional war on alshabab and how it effected

As the president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud declared in many different times, the war against alshabab terror group has based on three fronts; military front, economic or financial front and ideological aspect, and it was first time the group has faced ever three-dimensional war, since emerged in 2007.

In this regard, the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency NISA is key in this war, and it involves in all three fronts in particular rooting out the group’s financial networks and has reached a tangible achievement on the economic aspect.

According to the reliable sources, for the last several months NISA has been focusing on the alshabab financial networks and people in charge for this, including famous business people, member of the terrorist, elders and so many others people who have not regarded as alshabab operatives.

Based on credible information obtained by NISA has led to severely paralyzed alshabab’s financial operation in the capital, they blocked and frozen millions of dollars in the banks and also cut off the relation between alshabab in the bush and those hiding in the apartments in Mogadishu.

Reliable information obtained by the SomaliaEye, indicated that there are business people and others were arrested for facilitating the alshabab financial flow chain, but by far we don’t get the names of this suspected detainees.

To crackdown, these criminal activities, the Somalia’s spy agency NISA has double its operations and resulted in a quick change on how terrorist cultivating the extortion money, and moreover this changes immediately affect on Mogadishu markets as declining the extortion money and blackmailing activities that terrorist have on business people.

Business people contacted by the SomaliaEye confirmed, that there immense declined of alshabab collecting activities in Mogadishu “Previously they were moving freely but now, let alone coming to us, they couldn’t be able to phone us, being afraid to trace them,” said one who don’t want to mentioned his name.

Security experts, believed if this financial war will persist alongside military campaign the group won’t able to defend the territories they are in now, not only keeping its position, they also will be disappearing soon of the country.

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