Monday, March 20, 2023

Hirshabele President arrives Adale town

Somalia’s Hirshabelle State president, Ali Gudlawe has on Monday arrived in the coastal town of Adale to hasten the ongoing liberation operations in Middle Shabelle Province.

Middle Shabelle is one of two regions which is made up of Hirshabelle state, and its epicenter of local uprising against alshabab’s strict rule.

“My aimed here is to hasten the operations to liberate the areas in Middle Shabelle region that are under Alshabab terrorist control” said the president speaking upon his arrival in Adale district.

All districts administration in Hirshabelle state must be prepared the offensive against alshabab terror group to up root them the region, he added.

Hundreds of well-armed men belong to the Middle Shabelle people have left yesterday in Mogadishu heading to alshabab controls areas up there to liberate from the terrorists.

Hirshabe President Ali Gudlawe arrived at Adale on Monday October 10, 2022
Adale residents welcomed the president Ali Gudlawe in Adale district in Middle Shabelle Province
The arial view of president’s escorting convey at Adale today

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