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In one year under the leadership of Mahad Salad NISA enjoys its heydays

(Mogadishu) Today, a year ago Somali cabinet approved the nomination of Mahad Mohamed Salad as NISA director, after President Dr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud proposed to them.

Thus, this story we will unveiled none intelligence and political aspect, but we will focus on what main stream media reported it, as  the spy agency made significance reforms and tangible task under the leadership of Mahad Salad, and here are eight achievement points and  as followed.

  1. the agency reform

Local media reported that the newly appointed NISA director Mahad Salad has paid close attention the structure of the agency and delegate the task as he was appointed new leader at every department that was paved the way to full operated and felt immediately the security situation of the capital.

  • The staff rights

According to the reliable source close to the director, as he was started his new role at the NISA he ordered the all staff members have equal basic rights in which they will get regular, whether medical care or paying attention, if an officer died in the fight of the enemy the agency take care of his left behind children or parents, and this apparently give the moral support.  

In the meantime, the new NISA leadership dicided to made a salary increase to all staff members, as the every officer refered  his education, skill and range.

  • Removing Terrorist Extortion Money

After, the Somali president has announced three dimensional war against al Shabab terror group, the spy chief Mahad Salad and his team was succeeded  to the total shut down of Khawarij financial network within short period of time.

Subsequently, they removed all extortion money imposed by terrorist to the Somali people whether al Shabab or Daesh.

NISA also has frozen multi million dollars of al Shabab bank accounts, not only for that, they taken over terrorist outpost where business people bring together to collect their extortion money.

  • The legalization of NISA

The Somali citizens, human right activists and international partners of the country have witnessed, after 53 years historic moment has come affect, as the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency has become legal institution.

The cabinet and federal parliament of Somalia have ratified the NISA legislation and then president signed finally.

The country’s spy agency NISA was regarded as one’s rule guided and people believed to be a notorious institution in which committed crimes against humanity and worked out of the law, now become agency ruled by law not personal desire.

The director Mahad Salad acknowledged the legislation and executive and president himself for their brave decision implementing this task. NISA now is based on act and operate on it to safeguard life, integraty and properties of the Somali people. 

Therefore, longstanding anti terrorist bill which was a backbone in the ongoing fight against terrorist group, and now the country is in need, NISA pushed its ratification in the parliament.

  •  NISA buildings

As the new director paid special attention in the agency future and speeding up its functionality, he ordered to expand the NISA premises and recently have completed the equipping and refurbishing the offices and building new training grounds.

  •  The foreign Relation of the Agency

Under the leadership of Mahad Salad, NISA has established a good relation based on mutual interest  with its counterpart in neighbors and beyond, and have information sharing encountering terrorist groups, and this NISA benefited to get further information from its counterpart spy agencies.

  • The Tangible Operations

At the time, Mahad Salad taken his role at NISA, he was prioritized to hunting down terrorist leaders wherever they are, and traced notorious members who have worked the terrorist multi faces to camouflage the people.

Over 40, successful operation have been conducted during the first year  of Mahad Salad leadership at NISA, and  around two thousand al Shabab militants have killed in different counter offensive operation carried out in many provinces like; Middle Shabelle, Lower Shabelle, Hiiran, Bay, Galgadud, Mudug and Bakol.

NISA has swapped out the terrorist training grounds, financial outposts ammunition stockpile, terrorist senior official homes, vehicles borne explosive and other key infrastructures has gone.

The success of the Somali people and the National Army in the war against al-Shabaab was based on the strengthened Somali Intelligence which made it easy for them to regularly receive information from Al-Shabaab areas.

Let me remind you of some of the successful operations that took place from May 2022 to May 2023.

On October 1, 2022, Al-Shabaab chief Abdullahi Nadir, who was also the heir to Al-Shabaab’s leadership, was killed in an attack in the Haram area of ​​Middle Jubba region.

Bilal Al-Sudaani, the leader of Daesh in Somalia, was also killed in Ali-Miskaad, in the mountains of the Eastern region of Puntland.

  • Destroyed and captured networks

The National Security and Intelligence Agency arrested 7 people of al-Shabaab Khawarij members in the market and there were assigned terrorist service providers in Mogadishu, such as computers, telephones, cameras and communication equipment, especially those of the army (hands for communication). ) and those used to the media as well.

5 of these 7 suspects were caught up with equipment that was going to Andulus Radio of al-Shabaab’s mouth piece Radio, the equipment consists of Cameras, wireless microphone system, hand recorder, and other equipment, heading to the Jilib and Jamame, towns.

The security forces have arrested eight al Shabab operatives in Mogadishu’s main Bakaro market with large of amount of weapons including A.K 47 rifle, RPG, hand grenades along with tuk tuk and a car.

During this operation the ring leader of this group was escaped, and later transferred to court and issued its verdict death penalty and serving eight years of jail term each one of them.

On February 8, 2023, the Somali National and Security Agency has handed over two Khawarij operatives in Mogadishu.

One of the two members was caught driving a Bajaj motorcycle sold to al Shabaab and working for it. He is the leader of the group operating in the city. Having A.k 47 rifle with its ammunitions and three hand grenades, another person was a female who was in charge of keeping the Arms and transferring it.

Sharif Mohamed Barqadle better knownJego was a member of the Army but later joined Al-Shabaab, he carried out 4 explosions in Mogadishu that killed dozens Somali people and injured many more, on January 12, this the court sentenced him death penalty as well.

On April 19, 2022 The Intelligence arrested Mohamed Abdulle aka Biya-malow a first lieutenant of former military officer who facilitated armed men from Al Shabaab into Mogadishu airport who fought inside the airport.

On December 14, 2022, the military tribunal has found guilty and sentenced to death penalty.

NISA has completed the investigation, of the doctors, the officers and the fake teachers who were doing different jobs to disguise them, but Al Shabaab was in charge of explosions like Dr. Fanax.

Finally, the Somali military Court sentenced him to death, after being found guilty on January 19, 2023.

On January 29, 2023, the spy agency arrested 10 al Shabab so called traditional elders, and they were arrested on the outskirts of Dayniile district as they were returned from the Khawarij controlled area.

In various interviews, they admitted that they were members of the Al-Shabaab group, and attended the terrorist organized seminar on spreading misinformation.

Planned explosions to the Mogadishu Peace Garden, was foiled by NISA on May 8, 2023, the security forces caught the explosives devices and people involved this.

On May18, 2023, the National Intelligence and Security Agency seized at seaport military consignment military belonged to al Shabab and, this includes military equipment, uniforms, IEDs, and others.

Somalia’s intelligence has closely followed the military equipment that was hidden in commercial goods being brought into the country.

NISA also monitored the activities and relations of a wide network abroad, Mogadishu and the regions that were working together, purchasing, loading, unloading at the seaport until delivery to the hands of the Khawarij.

All the Networks that were working on this matter, consisting of more than 10, NISA managed to arrest them without anyone escaping.

Up to four vehicles that were prepared to carry this equipment to the Khawarij Enemy were also seized by Somalia’s intelligence.

On the other hand, the NISA forces seized other materials that were brought to the Mogadishu Airport which were destined for Al Shabaab.

This is the brief information that was covered to the media, but the number of Al Shabaab’s plot attack for the Somali people, which was prevented by the intelligence forces are countless .

  • In Ramadan, the security of Mogadishu and the expansion of the NISA force

Although the security forces have taken joint responsibility for securing the security of the capital, NISA has been the backbone for the people of Mogadishu to feel equally safe; In the markets, mosques, streets and everywhere in the city, there are soldiers standing day and night to protect the safety of the Somali people, who always say “Happy fasting, and live peace forever”.

In addition, all the districts of the capital and the two Shabelle areas have been set up as special bases for the NISA armed forces to ensure the security of the capital.

The leadership of NISA, especially Commander Mahad Salad, said that when he assessed the scope of the work, he realized that the agency needs more personal to operate in the regions of the country, and participate in the fight against al-Shabaab. Expanded  the agency capability.

This year was the year terrorists suffered most, some of the were killed and wounded others were captured and the rest are on the run.

Moha Siyad

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