Monday, March 20, 2023

Intensive rift erupts among alshabab top leaders

According to the reliable sources, there has been reported to broke out between the group senior official over recent Hiran mass killing.

Some senior leaders have argued that the order of Beledweyne and Mahas massacre was just partially made by few people rather than a geniue decission.

For those who opposed  and denouced the mass killing have received intimidation from others leaders that cause the panic and mistrust between the top leaders of alshabab.

Meanwhile, the terrorist group have arrested their leader in Hiran Province Mohamed Mire and six others.

Mr, Mire who is the group’s governor of Hiran has meant to be taken directly the orders coming from his boss whatever its, killing the innocent civilians and other barbaric action against the people of Somalia.

The detention of these leaders comes after the terrorist have suffered huge lost in the recent government’s crackdown in Hiran Province.

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