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Latest from Adan Yabal offensive

it’s almost a week, since Somali National Army backed by local people invaded the strategic district Adan Yabal in Middle Shabelle province one of the last and main stronghold of Al-Shabaab terror group in Hirshabelle state.

The forces have taken over several key areas under the district without clashes, and the militants have already fled.

Local media reported that the alshabab militants also vacated the Adan Yabal town and destroyed water wells and other key infrastructures.

There are two fronts in the Adan Yabal offensive, one from Hiran side in the north and in the south army have been moving toward and now up to less then 10km away to, while other forces from north are camping in Mabah village which is very close to the town.

The military experts say, if Adan Yabal falls, alshabab won’t be stay in other areas in Hirshabelle state, because it is difficult to get reinforcement and eventually will vacate the whole region.

Somali government forces backed by local fighters have been fighting the alshabab militants for last several months, and terrorist loses large swathes of land and hundreds of their fighters.

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