Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Locals in Marergur town ready to take on al Shabab

A self-organized local people who took arms against al Shabab and ready to join the ongoing offensive paraded in Marergur town in Galgadud region on Wednesday afernoon.

Officials led by lawmakers and local leaders have attended these drills in an open space in the town where hundreds of heavily armed men and vehicles mounted with machine guns and anti-aircrafts displayed.

These local people have come together from all areas in between the capital Dhusamareb and Harardhere district in the neighboring Mudug region.

There have been army deployments in the region since president Hassan Sheikh relocated to Dhusamareb town to coordinate and encourage local people to support the completion of phase one operation in Galmudug.

Heavy weight politicians and elders have been dispatched from Dhusamareb to the different towns and villages in Galmudug state to mobilize the local people to get ready the incoming offensive which will root out al Shabab from the region in the coming days.

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