Saturday, April 1, 2023

Meeting between FGS and international financial institutions kicks off today in Nairobi

A high-level meeting, between the Somali government and international financial institutions IMF and World Bank was on Sunday officially commenced in Nairobi by the Minister of Finance, Dr. Elmi Nur.

The meeting was organized by the IMF which focused on a range of topics: financial reforms, review of SMP benchmarks, economic policies and the entire country’s public finance Management.

“We commenced today a meeting between the government and IMF on financial reforms and its development and we deeply discussed our national policy towards economic generation and its reviews,” said the minister.

The second phase of Somalia’s debt relief program is about to finish and international financial institutions led by the IMF have been working with the federal government to clear off the multi billion dollars debt, government officials often saying that the completion of the process is getting around. 

The finance minister stressed that they are working on this process firmly to strengthen the economic growth of the country. He thanked the international Monetary Funds and World Bank for their support in this process.

This meeting will last in the coming six days, minister of planning, central bank governor are among officials from the government side who are attending this conference.

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