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Minister of Information Launches 5-Day Training Program for Journalists

The Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism of the Federal Government of Somalia inaugurated a 5-day training program aimed at equipping journalists, especially those on the frontlines, with the necessary skills to interview members of the Khawaarij group Al-Shabaab who have either defected or been captured.

The training program, which was officially opened today in Mogadishu, seeks to provide journalists with the tools and knowledge to conduct insightful and accurate interviews with former Al-Shabaab members. By understanding the motives, experiences, and perspectives of these individuals, journalists can contribute to a deeper understanding of the dynamics surrounding the extremist group and the ongoing conflict in Somalia.

The Minister emphasized the critical role of the media in reporting on the activities of extremist groups and the need for responsible and accurate journalism. He highlighted the importance of conducting interviews in a professional and ethical manner, ensuring that the information gathered is reliable and contributes to the broader understanding of the security situation in the country.

During the 5-day training program, journalists will receive specialized instruction on effective interviewing techniques, building rapport, asking relevant questions, and understanding the psychological aspects involved when engaging with former Al-Shabaab members. Practical exercises, case studies, and interactive sessions will be conducted to simulate real-world scenarios and provide hands-on experience.

The training program is part of a broader effort by the Ministry of Information to strengthen media engagement in conflict reporting and counter the propaganda spread by extremist groups. By equipping journalists with the necessary skills, the government aims to empower them to deliver accurate and insightful news to the public, promoting transparency and accountability in the fight against extremism.

The Minister expressed his confidence that the training program will contribute to enhanced media coverage of the ongoing conflict and foster a more comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved. He urged journalists to utilize their newfound knowledge and skills responsibly and encouraged them to continue their crucial role in shaping public opinion and promoting peace and stability in Somalia.

As the 5-day training program commences, it is expected that journalists will emerge with a heightened ability to engage with former Al-Shabaab members, thereby shedding light on their experiences and motivations. This will undoubtedly contribute to a more informed public discourse and assist in countering the influence of extremist ideologies.

The Federal Government of Somalia remains committed to supporting the media and ensuring their safety and well-being throughout their reporting efforts. The launch of this training program is a testament to the government’s dedication to strengthening journalism and promoting peace in the country.

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