Monday, March 20, 2023

Moqakori town is free, SNA officials said

In the early of hours on Sunday morning, Somali National Army along with pro-government local fighters, have taken over from alshabab in Moqakori Village in Hiran Province, officials said.

Moqakori is strategic locations where terrorist based for more than decade, to lose this is a major blow to them.

Commander of fifth battalion of the Somali National Army 27th division Abdi Mumin Elmi has confirmed to the National Broadcaster that the terrorists have fled the area before the army arrived and now under control of the SNA.

 In the recent weeks, SNA allied the local fighters have launched successful offensive against alshabab strongholds in Hiran and Galagadud provinces, dozens of villages have been taken and more than 200 fighters also killed.

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