Saturday, April 1, 2023

More than 20 locations liberated from Alshabab

Somali National Army assisted by the local civilians have liberated up to twenty towns in Galmudug, Hirshabelle and South West States from Alshabab, killing over a hundred militias of the group.
Operations kickstarting the implementation of the government vision to fight terrorism and groups like Alshabab and getting rid of them all over Somalia, have been continuing in several parts of the country.
Local public revolutions assisted by the government to liberate Alshabab controlled areas, have been caused by the continuous atrocities by the terrorist group on the local civilians.
The terror group have been using these towns as strongholds for organising their terrorist attacks with explosives and suicide bombers on different parts of Somalia. The towns liberated from AlShabab are:
Hiran region : Ber-gadid, Ba’da, Tedan , Gobo, Bardhere, Tiroshanle iyo Omad.
Galgudud region: Adakibir, Marsagame, Dhumodle iyo Ali-Walid.
Bay region: Madabun, El-la-helay, Makini, Hobal-daranle, Iskire, Qanyarey, Borami, Baqay iyo Kayow.
In retaliation, the terrorist group have rounded up local vulnerable people and civilians whom they kidnapped, killed and destroying their properties.
Somali government is committed to remove Alshabab as a threat to Somali people. The terror group have over a decade committed cruel atrocities against civilians population in the town their controlled.
The government expresses its appreciation to Somali Mujahidin army the freedom fighters who have taken up armies to resist the cruelty of the terrorist group, who lie against the Islamic religion to serve their own worldly interests.
The operations will continue and we will tirelessly and regularly inform the Somali people on the situations of the freedom fighters efforts to remove Alshabab from their areas with the help of the Somali government.

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