Tuesday, July 16, 2024

More than 70 alshabab militia killed in Hiran today

Somali chief of defense forces general Odawa Yusuf Rage has said that the army have killed more than 75 alshabab militant in an operation that the SNA conducted in Yasoman village near Buloburde in Hiran Province.

In an interview with Somali National News Agency the CDF also said that the army have neutralized some terrorist members during the operation.

Somali National Army along with pro government local fighters have doubled their campaign against the militants to root out the country.

Meanwhile, The Turkish trained military unit known as Gorgor have conducted operations in several villages in Lower Shabelle, killing four alshabab militants, according to the officials.

The army also taken over Nunay, Nuu-Gare and Tawakal villages under Barire town, colonel Mohamed Sheikh commander of 18th division of Gorgor confirmed Radio Mogadishu that the army have destroyed boats that terrorist used to cross the river nearby.

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