Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Nearly 34k Somali high school students set the National Exam today

Over 33,000 Somali high school students are set on Saturday for the leaving high school national examination in south and central Somalia, according to the minister of education.

Farah Abdulkadir said at the opening event of the examination, along with government officials led by Deputy Prime Minister Salah Jama, 114 venues across the regions started the exam today simultaneously.

“This has come e collective effort made by ministry officials and its educational partners, to ensure the how every Somali student get his right to participate this national examination,” said Abdulkadir

In a recent complaint from some students, the minister said they have assigned a committee to investigate what their complaint is related to, ‘Anyone who has been verified his or her educational history during the high school, we allowed, others not yet’ he added.

The minister underlined that the database of the minister of education has already registered the students’ information and everyone has a role number, if the students don’t follow properly with these procedures then it is difficult to partake in the examination.

Deputy Prime minister Salah Jama, who officially inaugurated the exam, has said that his government is prioritizing social services including education to build human capital in order to increase the production of the country and boost the economy.

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