Saturday, April 1, 2023

NISA chief tours to Ethiopia’s Information Network Security Administration in Addis Ababa

In his day two official working visit in Ethiopia, the Director of Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency Mahad Salad has paid visited to the Information Network Security Administration (IMEDA).

During his tour at the IMEDA’s headquarters he checked the technology research and development work being done by the administration through ensuring the security of information infrastructure and the Ethiopian cyber talent development center.

Officials have been updated the visiting team about what the Information Network Security Administration (IMEDA) is working on for ensuring the safety and security of Ethiopia.

According to the sources close to the venue, the parts have expressed their commitment on working jointly about various aspects including; information exchange to prevent terrorism, capacity building areas and joint measures to ensure the continued peace and security of the region.

The IMEDEA is working on a wide range of work by getting rid of dependence on technology abroad and ensuring national technology ownership.

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