Tuesday, June 6, 2023

NISA intercepts at the Mogadishu port huge al Shabab military supply

Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency NISA has intercepted in Mogadishu seaport military equipment belonging to the terroris that is meant to transfer to the Khawarij control zone, said state minister for internal security of Somalia Mohamed Ali Haga.

In his media briefing on Thursday afternoon, the minister said the Intelligence has seized as they en route to the Khawarij control area.

This equipment has covered up on the commercial consignment to hide the nature of this supply which consist of military uniform and other equipments.

NISA also captured similar shipments at the Mogadishu airport and the people facilitating these criminal activities.

Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency NISA, has been monitoring the movement of this network in the past those operating inside and outside of the country.

The minister has confirmed, the security agency has apprehended 10 persons involving this including the business people and up to four trucks those preparing to load this equipment and reach to the terrorist zone.

Airport and sea port of Mogadishu are two main economic resources of the country and intercepting this equipment will prove how the security agency works hard to ensure the security and safety of the Somali people and prevent any security threat posed by the Khawarij.

Somali government is committed to crack down criminal activities and people engage with the Khawarij anyone who helped them with their barbaric act against the people and government whether business people, government officials and any other people will pay the price.

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