Wednesday, June 19, 2024

One person killed after civilian minibus overrun a landmine in Gedo-Somalia

Conflicting news has been coming out. An unfortunate tragedy unfolded after a minibus travelling with civilians hit a landmine in Dolow-Beled Hawo road on Saturday, according to the eyewitness.

At least one person is reported killed and around three other gravely injured, as they were in Uusi village which is about 17 km north of Beled Hawo district, and victims were evacuated to the nearby health facilities in Beled Hawo.

Al-Shabab terror group is known for planting landmines in popular roads and other civilian dominant areas.

Pictures emerged from the scene showing how the landmine was powerful, it completely destroyed the vehicle and left a huge crack on the tarmac.

Innocent people are the most suffering of the terrorist heinous attacks in the country for the last seventeen years, and the ruthless militants don’t care about it, they just focus on as much as they can kill anytime.

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