Monday, March 20, 2023

Operations to eradicate Al-Shabab terrorists are underway in Hiran region

SONNA – There are operations which are underway in Hiran region to eradicate Al-Shabab terrorists. The commander of the ground forces, General Mohamed Tahlil Bihi, the commander of the 27th division and other officers of the Somali military, reached the front line of the war today.

The commander met with the governor of Hiran region, the Minister Security of Hishabelle and members from the federal parliamentarian, and officers of the national army who are leading the fight for the liberation of Hiran region at the village of Teedaan, where Al-Shabab terrorists were killed yesterday.

Commander Bihi commended the army, commanders and other officials to continue chasing the terrorists. He encouraged the national army and sent a strong message to the terrorists who are harassing the civilians living in the remote areas of Hiran region.

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