Monday, March 20, 2023

Over 100 terrorists killed in intense fighting in Hiran province

Somali government forces backed by local people have killed more than 100 alshabab militant in a battle happened in Elhareri village in Hiran province on Thursday, according to the ministry of defense spokesman.

In press conference said General Anod, the fighting occurred in Garas Magan and El Hareeri villages in Hiran.

“It was first time, that terrorist being killed over 100 militants in a single battle, in the recent military campaign,” said the spokesman.

Furthermore, Abdullahi Ali Anod called people to support ongoing nationwide militry campaign against the radical group.

El Hareeri is about 15KM away from strategic town Adan-yabal of Middle Shabelle province where security forces liberated early this week.

Meanwhile, government forces in Masajid Ali Gudud foiled car bomb in the early hours on this Friday, in a prior information would help to get ready shot with rocket propelled grenades.

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