Saturday, April 1, 2023

Over 40 Khawarijt militants killed in Lower Shabelle province

Up to 49 Khawarij militants have been killed and many others have injured in a well-planned air and land operations carried out by the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency alongside with Somali National Army and its international allies have conducted in Bulo Madino village in Lower Shabelle province.

The operation which was a target one has happened as it was planned, and it destroyed all Khawarij’s vehicles and ammunition in the area.

The Khawarij militants who have been massacre in Bulo Madino were preparing a plot which they will harm the Somali civilians, but these plots have been foiled by the Somali intelligence and SNA with its international partners.

The Somali government thanks its people for their stand with the army in the fight against Khawarij to liberate them from the country. 

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