Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Peace talks defusing clan tension open today by former president Sharif

Former Somali president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Hirshabelle state president Ali Gudlawe have opened on Friday a peace talks between two Abgal sub clan in Burka Dirimed village in Middle Shabelle region.

Deadly fighting has been happening in the rural area under Adale and Rage Ele towns which claimed dozens lives, displacement and destruction of livelihood infrastructure.

The peace match delegation led by former president Sharif from Mogadishu have been off to area for weeks to mediate these clan tension and they succeeded to broke the ceasefire and distancing the clan militia in order to proceeded the peace talks.

This peace talk venue of today attended by number of high officials from both sides and well respected traditional elders including; ministers, MPs and Middle Shabelle governor.

Speaking at the opening of peace talks, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed stressed elders from both clans to end the hostilities which inflicted the entire people living side by side over centuries.

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