Monday, March 20, 2023

People joining the fight against alshabab in Hirshabelle

Mirtaqwo residents in Middle Shabelle province, are taking up arms and joining the fight against alshabab terror group, which is going on elsewhere in the country for the last 4 months, according to the state media.

This people are the latest one who fed up the terrorist’s hash rule and humiliations, and these men are now ready to take on alshabab wherever they are, Somali National Army officials and local elders urged these fighters to join the liberation offensive which is happening the region.

Officials said, these fighters are intent to remove alshabab and other terrorist militants the next villages of Mirtaqwo which include; Alkowthar, Adan yabaal, Eldheere, Elbaraf, Adleey, Ali Fol dhere, Ciid-ciidka, Alaag mahaday, Maguurto iyo Qurac Madoobe.

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