Monday, March 20, 2023

PM Hamza arrives today in Beledweyn town

Somali prime minister H.E Hamza Abdi Barre has on Thursday landed at Beledweyn airport on his way back home, after days spent in neighboring Ethiopia, where he attended the 10th TANA forum in Bahar dar Ethiopia.

 The delegation led by the prime minister flew from Goday town in Ethiopia’s Somali state region, and they received a warm welcome by government officials in Beledweyn.

Statement from his office said, the prime minister’s trip to Beledweyne to speed up the eradication campaign against alshabab terror group which undertaking there.

Beledweyn town is a birthplace of local uprising against the terrorist which spread across the country.

During his tour of the Hiran province the prime minister will hold discussions on military operations on the ground.

This is his second time that the prime minister visited Beledweyn since he took office and it shows how he committed to scaling up the ongoing military offensive against the militant.

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