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Police on alert as Supreme Court prepares to deliver verdict

All regional and county bosses have been asked to prepare for any eventualities that might arise as a result of the verdict by the Supreme Court on Monday, September 5.

Deputy Inspector General Edward Mbugua has written to the security bosses urging them to be alert and prepare orders on how to deal with the aftermath of the court ruling.

In a letter dated September 1, Mbugua also asked the security officials to forward copies of their action plan to the Kenya Police Service headquarters before 3:00pm on Friday.

“Depending on the ruling of the Court of Appeal of Kenya, we expect various reactions from members of the public in hot spot areas such as violence and destruction of property. You are directed to prepare operation orders on how to deal with the aftermath of the ruling,” the letter read in part.

This comes hours after a warning issued by the United States embassy in Nairobi to its citizens travelling to and within Kisumu County ahead of the Monday ruling.

In reaction to the same advisory, Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o reassured his residents not to expect any change in the state of affairs, whatever the outcome of the ruling terming the county as a multiracial and ethnic peaceful community.

“We take the exceptional concern at the tone of the memo which singles out Kisumu and suggests that the city could witness violence after the September 5 court ruling on the presidential election petition,” Nyong’o said in a statement.

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