Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Political rift in Puntland and clock ticking to the end

The political discord in Somalia’s Puntland state still stands, as the sitting president plans to hold a one man one vote presidential election due to come January 2024.

The standoff between political rivals in Puntland over the nature of the upcoming election not solved so far and uncertainty clouding over one of the stable regions in Somalia.

President Said Deni, whose term is going to end by January 8, has vowed that the election will be a multi-party system and he is pioneering this great milestone that Puntland steps in.

But opposition politicians in the region have a suspicion that the president is going to stay in office beyond his mandate and they will not accept that.

In June, there were heavy clashes between pro opposition forces and Puntland security forces over the issue of the election and constitutional changes that Deni orchestrated.

Regional assembly is set to approve today members of the electoral commission which is responsible for the president and parliament elections.

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