Saturday, April 1, 2023

President attends burial prayer of late General Farhan Qarole

Somali president H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Speaker Adan Madobe, Prime Minister Hamza, Galmudug president, dozens of government officials attended today the burial prayer for the late General Farhan Qarole who was martyred yesterday in a line of duty.

The president has described the fallen Farhan as ‘brave man who committed to liberate terrorist his country’ and he has dead on that noble path.

Brigadier general Farhan Qarole was killed in landmine on last Friday while he was leading counter terrorism operations conducting in the outskirts of the capital Mogadishu.

“Somalis, today has only one enemy which must be faced with power and mind together. The right mind cannot accept this evil act. And anyone has moral obligation to play a role in the fight against terrorist” said president Mohamud.

The president also said it’s a shame and immoral that alshabab business people who alshabab have extorted their money in order to fight against the government and its people.

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