Tuesday, July 16, 2024

President Calls for IGAD’s Support in Lifting Arms Embargo on Somalia

At the IGAD summit held today, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud took center stage as he acknowledged the regional progress achieved by Somalia in the face of numerous challenges. His address highlighted the country’s remarkable achievements in politics, state-building, and counter-terrorism efforts. However, one of the main focal points of his speech was his fervent appeal for IGAD’s support in lifting the arms embargo imposed on Somalia.

President Mohamud’s recognition of Somalia’s advancements in various sectors reflected the nation’s resilience and determination to overcome obstacles. Despite grappling with internal conflicts and external threats, Somalia has made notable strides in political stability, institutional development, and counter-terrorism operations. The president emphasized the importance of leveraging this progress to foster sustainable peace and enhance regional security.

In his plea to the IGAD member states, President Mohamud urged their collective assistance in lifting the arms embargo that has been in place for several years. The embargo, aimed at preventing the proliferation of weapons and curtailing violence, has significantly hampered Somalia’s ability to secure its borders and combat armed insurgencies effectively. The president argued that lifting the embargo would enable the Somali government to acquire the necessary resources to strengthen its security forces and protect its citizens from extremist threats.

Moreover, President Mohamud underscored the urgent need for resilience-based investments to address climate change and safeguard livelihoods in Somalia. The country has been grappling with the adverse effects of climate change, including droughts, floods, and desertification, which have severely impacted agricultural productivity and disrupted the lives of its citizens. By advocating for resilience-based investments, the president emphasized the importance of adopting long-term strategies that not only mitigate climate risks but also enhance the capacity of communities to adapt and thrive in the face of these challenges.

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