Saturday, April 1, 2023

President congratulates prophet Muhamed’s Mowlid occasion

On the occasion of commemorating of Mowlid the birth of the Prophet Muhamed Peace and blessing of Allah upon him has been happening across the Muslim world, Somalia is one of them.

President of Somali republic Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has sent his heartfelt congratulations to the people of Somalia us they, celebrating the honoring of their beloved prophet Muhamed PBH.

In a short pre-recording video, posted on Villa Somalia’s Facebook, the president indicates his warm congratulation on the occasion of this noble birthday.

On the 12th Rabi’il Awl in the Islamic lunar calendar, is the birthday of the prophet Muhamed Peace and blessing of Allah upon him, and every year millions of Muslims across the globe celebrate to show their passion and empathy for their beloved prophet.

The president called his fellow citizens to follow and practice the teachings of prophet Muhamed Peace and blessing of Allah upon him.

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